Detalles del servidor para rack PowerEdge R720xd

Dell PowerEdge R720xd Rack Server

Excepcional capacidad de almacenamiento en un servidor para rack de 2U y 2 sockets.
Adáptese al crecimiento masivo de datos gracias a la excelente capacidad de almacenamiento, densidad de memoria y capacidades de E/S del servidor para rack DellTM  PowerEdgeTM  R720xd.

  • Logre un rendimiento informático extraordinario con los procesadores Intel®  Xeon®  E5-2600 y las 24 ranuras DIMM (como máximo).
  • Optimice la capacidad de ampliación del almacenamiento con hasta 24 unidades de 2,5” o 12 de 3,5”.
  • Aproveche las opciones de red y de E/S flexibles con las ranuras de expansión PCIe aptas para Gen3 y las tecnologías de NIC integradas o del proveedor de su preferencia.
PowerEdge R720xd

Powerful and Balanced Performance

Satisfy your applications that are hungry for local storage and I/O (input/output) performance with the outstanding capabilities of the next-generation PowerEdge™ R720xd rack server.
PowerEdge r720xd — powerful and balanced performance
Performance-packed computing
Dramatically boost application performance with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 or E5-2600v2 product family and up to 24 dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs). Built with 22-nanometer process technology and up to 12 cores per processor, it enables super-fast processing for compute-intensive tasks.
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Enormous storage capacity
Use extensive local storage to quickly access and process vast amounts of data in midsize and large enterprise data centers.
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Advanced I/O capabilities
Enhance your data center performance with the balanced, scalable I/O capabilities of the PowerEdge R720xd — including integrated PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0-capable expansion slots.
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Outstanding Server Utility

Put the power and flexibility of the PowerEdge™ R720xd rack server to work for your large mail server, web hosting, database or other enterprise-level applications.
PowerEdge R720xd - Outstanding server utility
Powerful systems management
Experience easy lifecycle manageability with intelligent hardware-driven systems administration, extensive power management and other innovative management tools
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Superb operational efficiency
Maintain high-level data center productivity, security and maintenance with next-generation reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features within the R720xd infrastructure.
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Flexible and scalable networking
Tailor your network throughput to match your application needs with features that allow you to take full advantage of your additional I/O (input/output) performance.
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The new generation PowerEdge experience

Make IT the engine for your business success. The newest generation PowerEdge family is engineered with the right combination of features and performance scalability to handle tough workloads for both large and small data center environments.

Improve operational efficiency with enhanced systems management

Streamline operations and boost productivity to get the most out of every dollar spent. Manage your Dell PowerEdge servers in complex IT environments by automating the most essential server lifecycle management tasks — deploy, update, monitor and maintain.

Global Services and Support

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